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Generik on egotistical DJs: ‘You’re not saving the world so get the fuck over yourself!’

Generik @2x

Yes, DJ Generik (aka: Tyson O’Brien) is far from generic when it comes to good looks. Indeed you might just call him a super-hottie. But he won’t let those looks get in the way of talent, which is why he scores residencies in ritzy places like Vegas. Here he chats with Cream about club music, fans that like to remix his tracks, and how egotistical DJs can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Interview by Antonino Tati


You had the number one spot on the ARIA Club Chart with your single ‘The Weekend’ for several weeks running; how does it feel when your single hits the top spot? 

It’s an amazing feeling! To know that my peers are loving my music and playing my song its extremely humbling.


Does ARIA tally up all versions of a song that is officially released from you, or just the single version?
To be honest I’m not really sure how the process works. Not something I really concern myself with; I’m just trying to make the best music I can.


What do you think when fans create their own remixes of your tracks and then post these online?
I love it! I’ve found some amazing talented producers [through] kids hitting you up with their version of a song. It’s also a compliment that they love your track!


Now – we’re not talking about your music here – but some diehard clubbers are saying club music can sometimes sound the same / relentless / repetitive? Would you beg to differ?
For me, personally, I disagree. There are so many amazing genres and styles of music making waves at the moment; I think its really exciting!


What remixes can we hear of your latest track ‘Late At Night’?
Can’t say yet, but I’m sure you’ll like them!


Your songs often feature themes of clubbing and socialising. It’s been said that you’re a “card-carrying party animal at any hour” yourself. Just how much do you like to party and what’s a typical weekend out consist of for you?
Ha ha ha! I’ve always enjoyed going out and partying; that’s how I got into dance music in the first place. Things have changed a lot since I’ve moved to America. There’s the time to party and the time to work and I’ve been working very hard on new music.


You have a residency at Las Vegas superclub Omnia; tell us two great things about playing in Vegas?
Because so many people are flying in and out of Vegas every day, you get a different crowd every time you play. It’s a really exciting feeling playing in Vegas as everyone is there to party so everyone is up for it – which makes playing there amazing.


I’d love to know what you think of the club scene in these other cities: (your hometown) Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Chicago, Miami, New York.
Melbourne: Constantly evolving, 24hr fun, non-stop vibes.
Sydney: Fuck Mike Baird!
Perth: Really exciting! Lots of cool spots opening.
Chicago: Michael Jordan; haven’t been there yet, but dying to.
Miami: Bottles and Models!
NYC: They say it’s the city that never sleeps and neither do the parties!


Do you prefer DJ-ing at intimate venues (ie: clubs) or out on the festival circuit in front of huge crowds, and what’s one benefit of each?
They are both amazing. When you’re in a club and you can see first-hand the reaction on someone’s face when you play a song, it’s incredible. But also seeing thousands of people reacting as one is a mental vibe!


And finally, there are some DJs who let the fame and fortune go to their head; what do you say to those guys?
I’d say to them, ‘You’re a DJ, not a doctor! You’re not saving the world, so get the fuck over yourself!’


Generik’s latest single ‘Late At Night’ is out through OneLove Recordings.

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