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‘The Essential RuPaul’: a drag queen’s digest

RuPaul @2x

You can keep your dog-eared copy of War And Peace. And take back that selection of Virginia Woolf classics. Sashay away, Mrs Dalloway, we’re relaxing with some light reading this weekend.

To wit, a copy of The Essential RuPaul: Herstory, Philosophy & Fiercest Queens. This nifty guide, although unofficial, appears as though it’s had the stamp of approval from the world’s greatest Amazonian drag queen herself. The facts are right; the colour of the prose as rich as Ru herself; and the profiled finalists from RuPaul’s Drag Race well-selected and illustriously portrayed. Literally, the fine drawings look so much like the real queens, they throw shade at that bloke on the street corner who draws charcoal caricatures for a living.

Included in the hit list are Adore Delano (not our favourite queen for we think she’s a bit Gen Z aloof), Alaska Thunderf*ck (“Hieeeeeeee!”), Courtney Act (direct from Sydney to L.A.), Detox (as ’80s as drag can get), Latrice Royale (big is best), and Bianca Del Rio (possibly our favourite queen – dirty, funny and full of personality; watch out for her tour down under soon).

Ru @2x

In the world of drag, there are some queens you love and some you detest. The test is picking out the best bits of a queen, praising her for these, and seeing if she can extrapolate on them and make them her trademark.

The Essential RuPaul critiques each queen to a ‘T’ and spots a kinda trademark brilliance in every one of Ru’s proteges.  Antonino Tati


‘The Essential RuPaul: Herstory, Philosophy & Fiercest Queens’ is available in hardcover, RRP $24.99 through Smith Street Books / Simon & Schuster Australia.

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