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Anti-gay marriage group's 'Rainbow Police' actually look quite happy together

Rainbow Police @2x

Since marriage equality is a hot-button issue right now, we thought we’d introduce you to the Rainbow Police.

These uniformed dudes might look like a spin-off of the Village People but rather they are characters created by an organisation called the Marriage Alliance which is actually against same-sex marriage.

The characters crop up occasionally when the alliance wants to sandwich a same-sex-supporting brand handcuffed between them, but all it takes a bit of editing, et voila, the coppers look happy together!

Marriage Alliance says its aim is to bring together individuals and organisations that “respect the choices of same-sex attracted people but don’t want to change the current definition of marriage”. In short: it is against the equal rights argument on the subject of marriage.

The group has often gotten into trouble for its scare-mongering memes, including one that circulated in April, depicting an office worker with a rainbow noose around her neck and the accompanying message: ‘same sex marriage increases PC bullying in the workplace’.

Backed by wealthy businessmen, the Marriage Alliance says it hopes that its memes and campaigns will encourage Australians to feel comfortable voicing their concerns about same-sex marriage.

Ironically enough, their police characters look pretty happy hand-in-hand.  Michael Mastess


For an alternative to the Marriage Alliance’s backward beliefs and agenda, visit a proactive site like amnesty.org.au.


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