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Kate Bush @2x

So far as pop-referential tributes go, this one has even us in awe. Hundreds of Kate Bush fans will congregate on the grass of Elizabeth Quay, Perth, on Saturday 16 July to pay tribute to the singing and whirling dervish. Each individual is asked one thing: to wear their best flowing red frock (oh, and to practise their Wuthering Heights dance moves, see clip above).

The idea for this interpretive dance en masse originated in 2013 in Brighton, England, when a theatre group called Shambush gathered close to 300 Kate Bush lookalikes in a field, putting on their best Wuthering Heights interpretation. Then a troupe in Berlin did it. Then Melbourne. And now Perth.

In fact, Kate Bush dance-alike groups are cropping up all over the globe, paying respects to one of the music world’s most unique performance artists.

Unique, that was, until the hundreds of Kate Bush-alikes begins to evolve into thousands…  Antonino Tati


The ‘Wuthering Heights’ dance event will take place at Elizabeth Quay, Perth on Saturday 16 July from 12.00-1.00pm. Participation is free. More information here.

Artwork by hello@timbrackmann.de.

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