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Interview with Robert Bayly: designer of Liebe + Haus showrooms

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The first smart thing premium home appliance suppliers Liebe + Haus have done is to take their name from the German language – since German manufacturing is synonymous with high quality, brilliant design and excellent function.

Yet the business, whose name translates into English as ‘Love + House’, imports luxury brands far beyond the factories of Hamburg and Berlin (and in those cities, too).

Theirs reads like a roll call of the coolest house essentials: Beko, Bosch, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Miele, Schweigen, Smeg and more. And here you’ll find everything from a nifty coffee machine to a full stove and oven range. Yes, in this place you’ll find everything and the kitchen sink.

But how to posit such a variety of products and brands into the most important address in any retailers’ books: their showrooms?

Antonino Tati chats with designer Robert Bayly, who was esponsible for putting together Liebe + Haus two grand showrooms, the first in Osborne Park, and the second in Myaree, Perth.


What is your design background, and what other brands have you designed and fitted for?

I have a Diploma in Industrial Design from the Adelaide College of Advanced Education and 35 years of industry experience, as well as lecturing in design. I designed Alno Kitchens’ showroom in Adelaide, as well as the first Elite Appliance showrooms in Adelaide and Melbourne, covering all premium brands. I’ve also done various exhibition design for leading appliance brands: Smeg Appliance showroom designs and display systems around Australia.


I believe you’ve won few awards…

Yes, twice I’ve been grateful to have won the Australian HIA Kitchen Designer of the Year. And I was the winner of a major award from KBDI for Smeg in Melbourne. It’s lead to more work including having completed the benchmark showroom for Smeg in Nedlands, Perth last year.


When it comes to designing a showroom for a business like Liebe + Haus, how difficult is it seeing everything attractively streamlined? Especially considering you are dealing with so many different products: fridges, sinks, dishwashers, ovens…

[Managing Director] Peter Kambouris, general manager Aaron Kemp and our advertising company, The White Room, established the Liebe + Haus concept – which is to be the dedicated premium appliance destination for West Australians simply who love their home. We wanted a fresh look at showcasing premium appliances and the showroom is streamlined so that less is more. It’s uncluttered and zoned by product and brand; designed to lead to a high level of consumer involvement from the very first impression.


Liebe 02


How customer-focused were you in the design process?

The layout of the showrooms are very customer-focused which leads to comfortable decision-making. The best in the business personal have separated discussion areas for privacy and personal focus. Signage towers space out the brands while a common overall display height and colour schematic makes the whole showroom a unity.


Can customers actually trial some of the goods in the showroom; ie: do the stovetops work and are the refrigerators plugged in?

All products are in showroom mode, that is for demo only. Most of the refrigerators are plugged in.


Liebe 03


How would you compare the beauty of a Liebe + Haus showroom to your average showroom for other brands? Personally, I’d love to know your opinion on the comparison/contrast between Liebe + Haus and something very commercial like Ikea!

Firstly, the Liebe + Haus showrooms are very spacious with each brand extensively displayed. You can compare and make product choices in comfort. I can’t comment on Ikea but there is a main difference of us having a personal approach to discuss and select your products.


And finally, tell us about the special mezzanine section in the top half of the showroom in Osborne Park. It’s a very convenient aspect of design.

The mezzanine sections in both showrooms will offer professional cooking lessons for clients as well as hosting functions for clients.


For enquiries about Robert Bayly Design, phone 0412 805 708 or email rbdesign@optusnet.com.au.

Liebe + Haus are situated 19 Hutton Street, Osborne Park (phone 08 9200 1500) and 63 Norma Road, Myaree (phone 08 9200 4600). Also, visit their website at www.liebeandhaus.com.au or click on the image below – you might even want to book a cooking class!


Liebe 05


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