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Definitive Signs that are Telling You to Make the Switch to Depositing via Your Phone Bill at Online Casinos.

So you love playing at the online casinos. It can be a wonderful thing when you can access them from wherever you are. With the advent of mobile casinos, playing your favourite slot game on-the-go is an even easier option now. Wouldn’t you agree?

But what happens when you want to fund your casino account to play popular slot games? It’s quite inconvenient to use your current payment methods like PayPal, credit card or Neteller, isn’t it? So, why not consider changing over to depositing via your phone bill.

If you find yourself in the any one of the below scenarios, you need to make the switch right away.


#01 You’re Always On-The-Move!

This is a damn good reason why you even need to look at mobile depositing method as an alternative option or maybe even a permanent one.

If you spend more than an hour everyday out and about, then this is a guaranteed case of a hectic lifestyle. You practically have no free time and you would like to indulge in a bit of online gambling when you’re on-the-move. You log in to start playing and were quite sure that you had some money in your casino account, but you are wrong. It shows £0.00! Frustrating, isn’t it?

You can either sulk or simply use your mobile phone to deposit funds into your account instantly. The best part: no Internet connection required! You’ll only need to send an SMS and you could be gambling just like that.


#02 Tired of Remembering and Typing Your Credit Card Details into Everything

Credit card numbers are long. They are as long as the phone numbers or even longer. And if you use more than one, how are you even supposed to remember all the details of each card correctly? Most transactions require you to remember just the end digits. Imagine having to type that info and more every time you want to deposit at an online casino. It can get quite tedious!

Using the mobile depositing method lets you do away with all the hassles of the credit cards. At the online casino cashier, choose your deposit method and put in the amount you’d like to deposit. That’s it! Whatever amount you’ve put in will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your pay-as-you-go plan. See, it’s as easy as that!


#03 Your Present Depositing Method is Rather Slow
A majority of depositing methods and eWallets are quite fast these days. But there are a few that are still quite slow. And if you’re using those, then it’s time you switch to depositing via your phone bill, don’t you think? The slowness could be faulty tech or just that the company is slow in processing the money. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to suffer the consequences when there are faster methods out there.
Depositing using your phone bill literally takes a few seconds. Worst case, you’ll need to wait for a minute before you receive a confirmation SMS, not a minute longer. So, why not opt for this method instead of waiting a long time for your current method to deposit the amount into your casino account?


#04 You Don’t Have Funds to Pay Upfront
Your payday is probably a week away, but you don’t want to wait until then to indulge in gambling and playing your favourite slot games today. Well, with this payment method, you don’t really have to wait for anything. Since no funds are required upfront, you’re free to deposit as much as you like to play casino games. Whatever amount you deposit will simply be added to your phone bill. All you need to do is pay your phone bill on time.

A lot of people have already switched over to mobile depositing payment method and only have good things to say about it. Check out the reviews here and you’ll know what we mean!

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