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From Boardwalks to Beaches: Experiencing the Picturesque Suburbs of Melbourne

marshall white

There is just something about Melbourne that keeps it winning that Most Liveable City award year after year, and our beautiful scenery has just gotta be a part of that. Most of Melbourne is gorgeous and here is our top three picks for Liveable Melbourne.



A number of Melbourne’s regions have quite a bit to boast about, and Brighton is one of the most serene. Brighton’s beautiful beaches have plenty to boast about and if you want to become one of the happy residents, Marshall White Brighton has you covered.

There are a few reasons people visit brighton and the surrounding areas and that’s because not only is there a beautiful beach there but there is also a dog friendly stretch of beach and the wonderfully multi coloured Brighton bathing boxes.Brighton also boasts a historic shopping strip that has all of the cafes and fashion boutiques that you expect when someone says ‘Melbourne’.


Brighton has about six kilometers of beach inside the suburb lines, with much of it edged by a bicycle track so you can get your exercise in whilst still enjoying the beautiful stretches of beach that this beautiful suburb has to offer. Brighton also has some fantastic historic architecture and a number of wonderful gardens to visit on a stroll.



This region has it all, the slower laidback lifestyle, those breathtaking seaside views and boutique wineries to boot! The seafood is always fresh on the peninsula and there are enough beaches for you to pick from that even the brattiest amongst us will feel spoilt for choice.

If surfing is your thing in and around Mornington has the best surf beaches Melbourne offers, there is also plenty of every kind of accommodation so it’s great on almost any budget. You’ll find plenty of wonderful pubs and restaurants as well, always with a pick of the day seafood option and a long, long list of glowing local wines. For those who wish to while away the hours sociably, Mornington also has a number of galleries and a wonderful cliff-top golf course! Whatever your fancy Mornington probably has you covered, you’ll probably find that you want to stay awhile, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you do.



Armidale represents the other half of Melbourne’s allure, and that is SHOPPING! Armidale has a restaurant for every appetite, a cafe for every coffee connoisseur and the best shopping around! Public transport is super convenient in Armidale and it has all the charm of Prahran without the price tag!

Armidale is just six kilometres from the CBD and has a great balance of high end apartments and public spaces. There are beautiful little parks scattered in between some of Melbourne’s best beauty spots. You can buy just about anything you need for yourself or your home including deluxe bath products, antiques, art, or even a wedding gown! Think of it and you can probably buy it! If it’s deluxe living and convenience you want you can not surpass this suburb.     

The truth is there aren’t many places in Melbourne that don’t have more pluses than minuses and if you are thinking you should come, either for a holiday, or to settle permanently Melbourne caters for all your whims and needs. This list hasn’t even mentioned our various rural regions! Melbourne has a perfect balance of historical and cultured charm with all the luxuries of a modern, fast growing city scape.There is a reason Melbourne wins so many awards, but you should see it to believe it. I wouldn’t want to call anywhere else my home!  Eada Hudes


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