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McDonald's and Monopoly merge to construct world's first mini 'hotel'

McDonalds Monopoly Hotel Comes To Melbourne

Dubbed “one of the smallest hotels in the world”, although far bigger than its game-size model, a unique Monopoly-meets-McDonald’s-themed hotel has been erected at Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD – just big enough to host two people.

Indeed two guests checked into the ‘hotel’ last night, treated to free Maccas and looked after a private concierge – this being Mr Monopoly himself.

Built to celebrate the return of the ‘Monopoly Game’ this week at McDonald’s – a new version of which is now available in app stores – the gameboard-themed interior of this mini residence includes a double bed fashioned with a big red question mark, pillows emblazoned with Maccas logo (possibly leading to dreams of larger fries), and a rather snazzy light fitting in the shape of a top-hat.

McDonalds Monopoly Hotel Comes To Melbourne

We’re not sure why the bed-frame looks like something out of an Auschwitz prison camp cell but that might allude to the fact there is no pisspot in sight and, yes, in a building that’s only 2.4m x 3m in size, you’d probably feel like you were thrown into lockup for the night.

Well, at least there’s plenty of munchies…  Antonino Tati


The new McDonald’s Monopoly Game app is available to download from today.

Photography by Scott Barbour for Getty.

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