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Bye-bye Brangelina!


Ordinarily, we at Cream wouldn’t publish tabloid-type gossip, preferring to leave that kind of trite for the weekly rags like No New Idea and Who Piss Weekly. But when news hits our inbox that the world’s most powerful celebrity couple are calling it quits, we’ve got to make mention of it.

Yes, butter-wouldn’t-melt Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, the ever-so-likeable Brad Pitt.

While it’s sad news for fans and appreciators of celebrities who do more than just pout on the red carpet (ie: Angelina and Brad are two of the world’s greatest humanitarians), it’s ecstatic news for the tabloid trade.

Said Woman’s Day executive editor, Claire Issac, to industry publication B&T today, “We haven’t had a big story like this for a very long time and you need to remember magazines don’t get the sales they used to. But we’d expect a massive upswing [on sales] with this. It could be as much as twenty, thirty per cent.”

If this was simply a divorce between the likes of Kanye and Kim West, the world would be divided (half of us really don’t give a shit about Kim’s shenanigans), but in the case of Brangelina, it almost feels like family is falling apart.

Anyhoo, here’s to an amicable split between the two, pictured above once-very-happy on the cover of W magazine. And may their (many, many) kids cope well with it all.  Lisa Andrews

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