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The World’s Most Glamorous Casinos


Glamour and the casino lifestyle have always gone hand-in-hand. A playground for the rich and powerful to flex their financial muscles, wear the finest garments known to man and take extravagance to a whole new level.

Whilst all these casinos are worth a visit, it certainly makes the visit more memorable for the right reasons if you go well prepared. So if you’re thinking of embarking on a spot of poker tourism, it’s important to practice on home turf first before splashing out to try your luck abroad.

So with that in mind, here are five stunning casinos from around the world, where you can play your favourite card game, whilst rubbing shoulders with the glitterati.


01. The Empire Casino, London

Located right in the heart of Leicester Square, this is the perfect place for a plucky, British poker player to experience the glamour of a famous casino, without having to locate your passport. The Empire Theatre has been a fixture in the London social scene since opening in 1884. It wasn’t until 2007 that part of the venue was transformed into a state of the art casino, where guests are treated to an authentic Las Vegas-style experience. Two stories of table games are accompanied by a large poker room, which has played host to the European Poker Tour on several occasions, as well as being one of three London casinos to welcome the World Series of Poker.


02. Commerce Casino, Los Angeles

If you want a taste of Hollywood whilst enjoying an authentic casino experience, then Los Angeles could be the perfect place for the next stage of your poker tourism adventure. The Commerce Casino may not be the most visually spectacular venue on this list, but it’s widely regarded as the largest poker casino in the entire world. This Hold’em haven contains 240 card tables, hosting an incredible variety of limit and no limit variations of poker.


03. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco


Monaco may be one of the smallest recognised countries in the world, but Monte Carlo has become synonymous with celebrity culture and is the most famous casino city in all of Europe. The Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the world’s most historic casinos, having first opened its doors to guests over 150 years ago. The European Poker Tour finale has been held at this stunning venue for all-but-one of its 12 seasons so far.


04. The Venetian, Macao

In an attempt to rival money-spinning meccas like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, the Chinese region of Macao has transformed itself into one of the must-visit venues for any casino enthusiast. The owners of The Venetian in Las Vegas saw an opportunity in 2007, constructing the world’s largest casino and expanding their franchise into the heart of Macao. Other casinos in the vicinity, like Casino Babylon or Macau Palace, may be more suitable for low stake games, but if you want to experience extravagance of the highest level, then The Venetian is where it’s at.



05. The Bellagio, Las Vegas


A list of glamorous casinos wouldn’t be complete without at least one Las Vegas entrant. There are many incredible poker playing palaces that could have made this article, but The Bellagio is arguably the most beautiful, the most illustrious and the most famous casino in the world. The hotel itself has been awarded the prestigious AAA Triple Diamond award every year since it opened in 1999 and features many stunning attractions, from the dancing water fountains to the incredible botanical gardens. The poker room in the casino has featured in plenty of Hollywood blockbusters, including Oceans 11 and hosts World Series of Poker events on a regular basis.


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