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Feeling far from blue at Leederville’s latest nightlife addition


A friend and I recently went to the launch of The Blue Flamingo, and it was definitely… something else.

The dress code called for pastels, which is not the easiest of dress codes, but when we got there, I felt totally in place. The Blue Flamingo is pastel-meets-neon heaven. Did we just step back in time to Miami circa 1984?

So we down a couple of Mojitos, served by hip bar staff, and watch the cool crowd get a little loose to Latin vibes, surrounded by decor of mango-hued paintwork, grand pink dancing cages and bright neon signs of dolphins and other sea ‘life’.

At this stage I’m half-expecting Sheena Easton to bust through the gate, dressed in obligatory ’80s bustier and hotpants. She doesn’t.

Not to be disappointed, we order some food, from the limited menu. And when I say limited, and I mean limited. It’s mainly morsels of Tex Mex (because there’s not enough of that on Oxford Street already). However, to the Flamingo’s credit, the food was served fairly quickly, and was absolutely delicious.


At this stage, I’m pretty happy. Foot tapping, eye candy, full belly, more cocktails. Life is good. It wasn’t too long before I was the salsa queen (or so I thought), shaking my ass in that pink dance cage.

Although somewhat reminiscent of the old days, this is a far cry from the seedy Leedy. I think next time I’ll be bringing all my gurlfriends for a fab cage boogie.


The Blue Flamingo is situated at 742 Newcastle Street, Leederville.
Visit www.theblueflamingo.com.au for more information.

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