Everything old is new again… ish


For most of us living in Australia, recycling has become second nature. But where we are many, in our businesses, schools, social and community groups, our conscience – let alone our habits – is not so clean.

From November 7 to 13, Australians will be encouraged to take the good habits of the home out into the community as part of Planet Ark’s ‘National Recycling Week’. In order to make recycling more of a team effort, the planned activities, such as the ‘Friday File Fling’, ‘Schools Right Recycling’, and ‘The Big Aussie Swap’, have been designed to shift focus away from the ‘I’ in ‘recycling’. While there is largely a collectivist emphasis to proceedings, the week will also provide individuals with a great opportunity to reflect on and improve their own recycling behaviours.

With this appeal going out to all recyclers, big and small, Australia is sure to clean up nicely this November. And who doesn’t want to look good just in time for summer.  Chris Prindiville


For further information, visit or call the National Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712.

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