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Pole position: Inglot USA hosts Polish Fashion Night, NYC


They say that in times of recession, people slow down in their consumption of luxury goods, save for two products that actually peak during periods of financial crisis: alcohol and cosmetics. The former we can’t vouch for (although we have noticed most pubs are still packed on weekends despite hard economic times). The latter we can attest to, since nothing perks us up better than a purchase of the latest shade in lippy, eyeliner or even basic concealer. After all, you’ve gotta dress up the bad times, yeah?

If you’re going to brighten up your day with a bit of a compulsive buy, look no further than the array of cosmetics available from beauty brand, Inglot.

Recently the brand cosy-ed up to some of contemporary fashion’s freshest designers at an event dubbed ‘Polish Fashion Night’ in New York City (fitting, since the brand hails from Poland). Due to the eclectic styles in design – that is, plenty of bursts of colour – the brand opted to keep the beauty looks ‘barely there’, choosing nudes and neutral hues on his models.

But one glimpse at the latest range of lipsticks, eye shadows, waterproof gel eyeliners and foundations available from Inglot and you’ll note the colours are off the Pantone charts!


One designer, Kinga Krol, considered her label well aligned with the Inglot aesthetic, the prints on her delicate fabrics ranging from optical graphics to drawings of nature (birds, butterflies, floral patterns aplenty). A highlight in Krol’s latest collection were her pleated skirts patterned with gorgeous green, gold and turquoise blue birds.

With cunning trickery, Krol takes very light fabrics, first has them dye-cut, then pleats them, stamps the print over pleats, all resulting in a most magnificent concertina’ed garment (see print skirt, below).


The designers at Polish Fashion Night may only have had a short catwalk to contend with (just three metres long) however each look was granted a decent amount of time to be ogled by die-hard fashionistas in the crowd, the models thankfully pausing for a solid 30 seconds as they each reached the front of the runway.


All up, Polish Fashion Night proved there’s a lot of innovation coming out of them Eastern quarters. And some seriously good beauty.  Antonino Tati & Lisa Andrews


To view the full Inglot collection, visit www.inglotusa.com.


Marta Tyminska - Inglot USA Times Square Flagship Store Manager pre-show.

Marta Tyminska – Inglot USA Times Square Flagship Store Manager pre-show.


Enjoying the runway looks: Alexandria & Kira.

Enjoying the runway looks: Alexandria & Kira.

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