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Rimmel gathers the right kind of Moss


15 years is a long time in any career, but in the worlds of fashion and beauty that equates to a lifetime. As such, one can only marvel at the partnership that has been forged between the superest of models Kate Moss and cosmetic colossus Rimmel.

Since 2001, Kate Moss has been the face – quite literally – of the Rimmel brand. It is an association that has changed with the times, taking in all of Kate’s most iconic looks, from boho goddess all the way through to red-carpet idol.

It is a relationship that shows no sign of strain, instead strengthening with each passing year. In 2011, with 10 years already in the bank, Kate took her relationship with Rimmel to the next level, launching her own premier lipstick range, and in turn becoming far more than just a pretty face, but a creative force. And to celebrate the next milestone, the 15-year mark, Rimmel will be releasing a special-edition anniversary lipstick collection.

Though the cosmetics might be flying off the shelves, this remarkable relationship looks like having staying power.  Chris Prindiville


For more information on the Rimmel Kate Moss Special-Edition Lip Anniversary Collection visit www.rimmellondon.com.


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