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From the Spanish language “estar más sano que una pera” is literally translated to “be healthier than a pear”. The English equivalent is to be ‘as fit as a fiddle’. We’re not quite sure why the Spaniards picked a pear for their idiom but we do know that we like to be healthy – at least, we certainly like to look it.

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful Latin complexion but we can at least emulate it, perhaps by beginning with using products by Spanish skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini.

So reputable are Germaine’s products, you’ll wonder why they only started shipping to our shores a couple of years ago.

Indeed, 2014 saw the company celebrating 50 years in the beauty business, which means its products must be doing something right.

Already available in over 65 spas and salons Australia-wide, Germaine de Capuccini Australia offers an extensive range of professional and at-home products that offer the most innovative, anti-ageing solutions for both women and men.

Our pick of their very extensive range includes the Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask – just a couple of drops of this gel and you’ll notice skin improvement from the very first application. Also close to the top of our must-have list is the Hydro-Retexturing Booster Concentrate, whose name gives it away really, suffice to say it helps renew and rehydrate, improving tone, texture and luminosity.


And now, to the new bright star in the Germaine de Capuccini range: the Timexpert Supreme Definition Eye Contour that can best be described as an at-home “eyelift in a jar”.

Simply dab a little of this magic potion around the whole eye area including the top of the eyelids (one of the first areas to show ageing) and watch as wrinkles miraculously appear to, well, disappear!

Results reveal an eye contour that looks much more rested and revitalised thanks to three key factors: an ingredient called ‘blefaroplex’ which increases collagen and elastin; chromo correcting pigments that offer illumination; and something dubbed ‘alpha gel technology’, creating a light protective film that helps defend against environmental pollution.

Who knew science could be so beautiful?  Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati


For stockists visit germaine-de-capuccini.com.au.

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