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Raving down memory lane


For those of us who are old enough to have lived through the ’90s, there is an aspect of the music from that era that stirs something inside. Where others might gag and retch, the ’90s kids are able to experience pure, unadulterated joy from hearing just the first eight bars of a song like Pump Up The Jam.

With such an appetite for retro music out there, Metropolis Touring has prepared a ’90s dance music smorgasbord for 2017. The bill includes chart-topping acts Real McCoy, 2 Unlimited, Dr Albarn, and Technotronic (pictured above), who will all be on hand to deliver a dose of ’90s goodness to grateful audiences.

The Mega 90s tour will be coming to our shores in March 2017, with one-night dates in each major capital city, plus a show in Auckland, so make sure to get in early and secure your tickets.

If you like your music thumping and insanely catchy, with a hint of camp, then this is an event you cannot miss. Sing hallelujah and get ready to dance the night away.  Chris Prindiville


For tour dates and ticketing information, visit metropolistouring.com/mega90s.
New Zealand audiences go to www.metropolistouring.com/mega90snz.

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