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Be Smitten by stunning makeup


Why reach for an ordinary lip gloss when you can get your hands on a fabulous lip paint that is not only diverse in its available shades but practical in its packaging.

Smitten Lip Paints are not only glorious in hue but come with a nifty little light globe embedded in the lid that switches on when you unscrew it. Along with a built-in mirror on the side for easy application, this lip paint is the answer to any girl who has posed the question: Do my lips look alright? Yes they will. Anywhere. Any time. And in any light: bright, dim or dark.

Smitten Lip Paints consist of creamy formulations that glide onto the lips, moisturising them while lending a high-gloss finish, and with generous coverage that lasts. You’re sure to find a favourite or two amongst the 12 gorgeous colours.

For a natural look, we recommend Rudie Nudie or Popular Peach Princess. For more ‘pop’ during bright summer afternoons, try Tutti Fruitti – which looks luscious enough to eat. Ice Maiden will cool down the hot summer days with its frosty pink shimmer. In any case, if you want a nice summer glow without the fuss, a simple coat of Smitten lip paint is all you need.

Even better news is that these lip paints are paraben-free, not tested on animals, vegan-friendly, and made right here in Australia.

The lip paints smell and feel great and even have a pleasant taste. The best part is that you are keeping local business alive by buying an Australian-owned beauty product.



We at Cream love a good local success story and it’s encouraging to share the backstory of Caroline Stanbury: founder and CEO of Smitten Cosmetics. Not only is Caroline a smart businesswoman but a motivational speaker to young entrepreneurs and high-school student groups.

Caroline had a vision to create a skincare and makeup line that are in synergy with the modern woman. With a background in sales and marketing, she has spent more than 20 years in a rewarding career that has assisted women to look awesome and feel confident in their fashion and beauty choices.

In 2012, together with Australia’s largest makeup manufacturer, Caroline developed the Whipped Mousse Foundation and launched the Smitten Makeup and Skincare range.


Her cruelty-free vegan-friendly collection of delightfully fresh colours enables endless possibilities to reflect every personality and outfit at a cost that is affordable.

Smitten Cosmetics at the top of our must-have list include the Whipped Mousse Foundation, of course, complete with SPF 15, and doubling up as both makeup and skincare. For a stronger makeup look, try Television Coverage for that special event; great in particular for wedding day photos.

Caroline aims for ongoing refinement and improvement of her range – through listening and responding to the needs of her salon clients and, in turn, their customers.

Caroline Stanbury: founder and CEO of Smitten Cosmetics has had over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in fashion and beauty.

Caroline Stanbury: founder and CEO of Smitten Cosmetics has had over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in fashion and beauty.

We love this girl’s business approach: work hard, be kind, give back, and always ask questions to constantly see your winning formula evolve. Hailing from Perth, we see Caroline Stanbury’s success story growing similarly to that of fellow business mogul, Rebecca Morris Williams – who also originated from Perth and is the founder of Becca Cosmetics.

So pop a handy Smitten lip paint in someone’s stocking this Christmas or, better still, treat yourself. Beauty and practicality never did look so good together.  Annette McCubbin


For Smitten Cosmetics stockists visit www.smittencosmetics.com.au.

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