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Interview with Chad Miskiewicz: Head Chef at Adelphi Grill


Adelphi Grill at Parmelia Hilton Perth serves one of the best steaks you’ll find in the Perth CBD. But great red beef is just the tip of Adelphi’s extensive menu.

Cream chats with head chef Chad Miskiewicz about what’s best in his book and about why everyone now thinks they’re a food expert…

Interview by Antonino Tati


Hi Chad. First of all, tell us what brought you into the fabulous world of food? Did you always know you wanted to be a chef?

Since I was 13 I always enjoyed cooking, I used to make Anzac cookies and chocolate cake. I think this is where the spark and passion began.


Food is still an amazingly popular subject on television these days. Do you like seeing so many cuisine-related shows on TV, or is it becoming all a bit much, even for a fine foodie such as yourself?

It’s great to see an appreciation of the industry and what the job entails. However now, everyone thinks they are an expert or a masterchef and that they can do better than someone who has trained and worked hard for 20 years in a kitchen.


You’ve spent around 15 of those years working in Parmelia Hilton kitchens. What are some aspects of the cuisine at the Parmelia Hilton that you feel make dining there a cut above the rest?

We always source the best local produce from terrific suppliers. And I love orking with such a multicultural team of chefs, bringing diversity and creativity to our menu.


What are two of your more exciting dishes on the Adelphi Grill menu?
Sticky Whiskey Pork is a popular dish. I am also a fan of the Seared Salmon with Apple Slaw, Shiso Crumbs, Wasabi and Yuzi dressing. And of course our signature dish, the Fiery Fillet.


Indeedy. I got to try the Fiery Fillet and I must say it was pretty fiery, to say the least! Any hints of what some of the herbs and spices are in that amazing dish?

I can’t give away too much but of the four secret ingredients of the spice rub I can tell you two are oregano and cayenne pepper. The other two you will have to guess!


What are two food trends you see taking off in restaurant dining?

Healthy food, less fat and less sugar. Also, going back to basics, keeping it simple; comfort food from modernised age-old dishes.


Great, thanks Chad.
You’re welcome!


Adelphi Grill is situated on the ground floor of Parmelia Hilton, Perth.

Click here for restaurant review.

For opening times, visit the website www.adelphigrill.com.


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