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That's when rock'n'roll dreams come true…


Of course we couldn’t help kicking off with a Meat Loaf song lyric…

When it comes to rock and roll, not many of us think of a solitary figure slaving over a typewriter inside a dingy room, with screwed-up paper piling up around them. After all, a typewriter – or laptop for that matter – isn’t quite so rock-romantic. Our rock stars are meant to be strutting their stuff in front of adoring fans or partying hard in hotel rooms, non? But the truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be a guitar hero or a frenzied front-man in order to rock out. And thanks to A Rock And Roll Writers Festival, audiences will be able to see for themselves how documenting the music can be just as thrilling as delivering it.

Involving guest speakers from the worlds of literature, journalism, photography and music, this two-day event will have you ready to plug in and dial up your creativity to 11. Along with You Am I rock god Tim Rogers, those joining him on the bill will be on hand to electrify audiences with the passion they bring to their own work. Other speakers include novelist Peggy Frew, whose debut book House Of Sticks won the 2010 Victorian Literary Award, and rock photographer Tony Mott, whose work has appeared on CD covers and in hundreds of magazines, including Cream.

The event will be sure to exhilarate as well as inform, so be sure to get in early and secure your place. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a budding writer or photographer, strap on your creative gear and get rockin’.  Chris Prindiville


A Rock And Roll Writer’s Festival will run from April 1-2, 2017 at The Old Museum in Bowen Hill, Brisbane.

Tickets are now available from www.oldmuseum.org or for further information visit www.rockandrollwritersfestival.com.

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