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The Regifting Debacle


If Christmas is a time for giving, the few days that follow are a time for giving away. Reportedly, around 15 million unwanted presents will be received around the country this year, according to Gumtree, with the value of unwanted stuff set to reach a staggering $500 million. Rather than see these stored away and gathering dust, many will be hocked on Gumtree, eBay and the like. However, some will be stored away, ready for regifting to unsuspecting others.

In a poll by website OurDeal.com.au, it appears the people of New South Wales are the biggest regifters of our nation, 75% admitting to having regifted stuff, while a total of 61% of Australians have done the dirty deed.

Three-quarters of 1,800 subjects surveyed admitted they’ve regifted a pressie in the past and are likely to do it again this Chrissy. Most unwrap the gift, realise they don’t like it, put it away, then re-wrap it to pass on to someone else throughout the following year. Indeed, sometimes a gift isn’t even unwrapped and rewrapped. In Italian culture, the ubiquitous ‘panettone’ can get passed around so often that a package of the sweet bread given by you to someone else could well end up in your lap 12 months later!

Women are particularly callous in the non-appreciation department, with 73% giving away presents they receive, compared to 58% of men.

The results of such a survey could lead to an unofficial call for all Australians to keep a closer track of the presents they buy, suggesting we should do a little more research into what our family, friends and colleagues would actually like.

Perhaps gift cards are the ultimate way to go, after all?  Michael Mastess

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