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Actor/author Carrie Fisher dies, aged 60


Actress and author Carrie Fisher passed away on Tuesday morning, US time, at age 60, from heart complications.

She had been admitted to hospital after suffering what was described as “a massive heart attack” on Friday, occurring during a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Fisher’s mother, actor Debbie Reynolds, notified fans and the general public last night via a Facebook post that read in part: “Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter.”

Fisher’s co-stars from Star Wars, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, followed with tributes on social media. Hamill, who played Fisher’s on-screen brother Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise simply tweeted: “No words #Devastated” while Ford, who played Han Solo and had a relationship with Fisher during filming, said in a statement to E!: “Carrie was one-of-a-kind…brilliant, original, funny and emotionally fearless. She lived her life, bravely.”

Carrie Fisher wrote an autobiography over a decade ago that outlined the ups and downs of her life including a battle with alcoholism. The book was titled ‘Wishful Drinking’.

Fisher was also known for her semi-autobiographical novel Postcards From The Edge which was later turned into a successful film.

The actor and author regularly earned praise for speaking publicly about her experiences with mental health, alcoholism and drug addiction.

She had last visited Australia in 2013 as part of the Supanova sci-fi festival that toured the country including visits to Perth and Sydney.

She recently made The Hollywood Reporter‘s list of 50 Favourite Female Characters in Film & Television for her portrayal of Princess Leia in Star Wars.   Antonino Tati

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