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Sound And Vision: Bowie sounding and looking even better on disc


February 10th 2017 will mark 13 months since the passing of David Bowie but rather than dwell on an icon lost, fans can continue to celebrate the man’s work with the release of a limited edition picture disc to mark the 40th-anniversary of Bowie’s Sound And Vision single.

Originally released in the UK on February 11th 1977, Sound And Vision was lifted from Bowie’s groundbreaking album Low, the first of the so-called ‘Berlin Trilogy’ of albums.

The song also lent its name to Bowie’s anthology box-set and its accompanying greatest hits tour in 1990.

The limited edition picture disc includes a brand new remaster of the track on the A-side with the flipside seeing the first physical release of the 2013 remix of the song. The stripped-back remix by Sonjay Prabhakar was originally done for a Sony Experia advert and utilises the original lead vocals and Mary Hopkin’s backing vocal with a new piano part.


Also available is the extensive double compilation CD David Bowie Legacy, containing a finely curated selection of the man’s singles – from his very first recordings 50 years ago right through to tracks from his last album Blackstar.

I swear the remastering of some of these songs makes the music that much clearer, I can hear lyrics better than on their original format (Like, wow, in Starman he actually does sing ‘Oh man, look at those cavemen go’ and not ‘look at those gay men go’.).

The collection spans almost half a century of hits – 40 tracks in total – and includes an introduction in the sleeve notes by GQ editor-in-chief Dylan Jones and best mashup art of some of Bowie’s more memorable album covers (who knew Heathen and “Heroes” would look so good in juxtaposition with one another?).

Fresh takes on everything that was fabulous about Bowie, then. Because avid fans deserve nothing less.  Michael Mastess


The 40th Anniversary Picture Disc Edition of ‘Sound And Vision’ and the 40-track hit compilation ‘David Bowie Legacy’ are both available through Warner Music. ‘David Bowie Legacy’ is also available to download with heaps of rare mixes of classic tracks and remastered versions aplenty.

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