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Left with the crumbs…

Golden Gaytime Streets cream magazine @2x

We’ve seen pop-up fashion boutiques, pop-up art galleries and pop-up bars, of course. But are you ready for a pop-up ice-cream ‘crumb shed’?

Streets, makers of orgasmic icecream-on-a-stick Golden Gaytime, have announced a pop-up shed for their product – well, the crumbs, at least – opening in Topshop’s Sydney and Melbourne stores next week.

Customers will be able to purchase a Gaytime tin and fill it to the brim with crumbs (the best bit of the ice-cream, doncha know!). And if you’ve ever tried Golden Gaytime crumbs mixed into cereal, you’ll know there’s plenty of exciting adventures to be had at home with your tin-full of the good stuff.

Streets has also announced six new flavours including Crumb Choc Millionaire (choccy crumbs, smashed potato chips, desiccated coconut and, goodness gracious, 100s & 1000s), something called the Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime (vanilla crumb, pretzel bits and salted caramel drizzle), and the fantastically-named ‘Unicorn Breath’ (vanilla crumb, crushed musk sticks, strawberry candy and edible glitter).

Yes, the ingredients are all very different, perhaps even over-the-top, but we’d expect nothing less from the world’s first ice-cream to proudly proclaim its queerness.


We’re sensing Bubble’o’Bill is going to be well pissed off with all the attention his competition is getting…  Lisa Andrews


The Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed pops up at Topshop’s Gowings store in Sydney on Wednesday 18th January and Topshop’s Emporium store in Melbourne on Friday 20th January.

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