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American Horror Story to get a crossover

AHS 02

Since 2011, American Horror Story has been delighting (and disturbing) audiences with its tales of darkness and the macabre. With each season taking on a different theme and storyline, fans have become used to speculating about the new direction series creator Ryan Murphy will be taking the show in for season seven which will air later this year.

Wild speculations have already begun about what surprises Murphy has in store for his victims with pieces of information already having been drip-fed to news-hungry audiences, the most significant being that the story will take place in the modern age. It has also been announced that series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be returning for the upcoming season.

With this level of interest in the show, Murphy’s recent revelation that there will be a crossover season in the future has pushed fan excitement into overdrive. Characters and storylines from two previous seasons will be thrown together in a mashup that is sure to be of epic proportions.

AHS 02 @2x

Fans will have to stay in the dark for a little while yet, with the theme for season seven still waiting to be brought to light though this hasn’t stopped would-be prophesiers from making bold predictions about the show’s future. But when it comes to American Horror Story, the one thing you can be sure of are that nightmares will come after watching it.  Chris Prindiville


‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 will be released on FX later this year ( an official broadcast date yet to be announced for Australia).

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