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Why Hollywood is stuck in its own past…

La La Land

Hollywood’s fascination with everything nostalgic is really rather beguiling. While the central aim of Hollywood, really, is to keep the notion of ‘progress’ alive, this seems at odds with the many remakes, sequels, reboots, and other attempts at more or less selling people their nostalgia (think: La La Land). And yet the bulk of Hollywood’s output has fallen into the nostalgic category in recent years.

This obsession is almost entirely a business decision. Getting people to actually go to the movies is hard these days. Movies are now competing with television, and television is better than it ever has been, and this is creating unreasonable expectations for the movies.

Hollywood is going with nostalgia because it is a safe bet. People might complain about all of the remakes, reboots, adaptations and sequels to franchises that are already decades old but that doesn’t stop us from going to see these movies. It seems that people don’t care as much about originality as they let on, including the critics who have a problem with Hollywood’s attempt at selling nostalgia. So we continue to vote with our dollars and the reboots continue to be made.

Taking a big risk on a new idea is something that television producers can do today, especially if producing for a streaming network like Netflix. Thanks in huge part to stream TV, many shows are very different today and adopt diverse themes, often dealing with marginal issues. However, the movies of the 2010s have been almost comically derivative, with only a couple of original films a month. Hollywood can no longer take risks with an audience that has so many entertainment options and that is so extremely divided today.

On social media, people will often sink a movie before it even gets going these days. People who write reviews for a living used to be rare. Today, practically everyone is a critic, literally and figuratively. Hollywood is taking fewer and fewer risks these days, and that means that people are going to see things that they like already onscreen as opposed to things that are completely new.

But not all is rehashed and recycled. There are other, newer entertainment options are taking our attention away from the big screen and seeing us focused on our PCs and mobile phones. People can see something new, for example, if they play online slots at Wintingo. Wintingo Online Casino games are going to change. Television shows and the associated lineups are going to change. Lots of other media will produce new things.

In the meantime, it looks like cinema is stuck in the 1940s to the 1980s, in a way that makes the movies of the ’40s onward look stunningly original by comparison.

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