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Duffle Bags cream magazine @2x

Whether it’s a weekend away, an overnight stay or a vacation, duffle bags are perfect for packing everything you need into the one bag.

When choosing a duffle bag, be sure to look at dimensions and features such as pockets and straps. Having the option of a long shoulder strap and shorter handles adds to the practicality of the duffle when travelling since it makes them easier to carry.

Leather is an ideal material for your duffle because it ages beautifully and gives your bag it’s own unique feel; all leather bags, like their owners, are different. Leather is strong, durable and is the epitome of luxury, and choosing a leather duffle will stop people guessing if you’re going somewhere important or just to the gym.

Here we have three stylish duffle bags that are each under $150 so you can take a piece of affordable luxury with you wherever you go.


1 Duffle MAHI Leather classic cream magazine @2x

↑ 01. MAHI Leather Classic Duffle $110.15

The MAHI Leather Classic Duffle offers timeless style as well as great practicality. All MAHI products are made to order with high quality full grain leather, and can be personalized with embroidered initials, making them a great gift. MAHI also donates $1.50 of every sale to the charity FRANK Water.


2 Duffle Serguio Rogetti cream magazine @2x

↑ 02. Serguio Rogetti Guillano Weekend Bag $94.86

This Serguio Rogetti rustic travel bag is perfect for a weekend break and costs less than $100. The detailed pockets on each end of the duffle give you even more storage room and the genuine vintage style leather adds originality to each bag.


3 Duffle foxarcher cream magazine @2x

↑ 03. FoxArcher Leather Duffle $148.98

If you’re looking to turn heads, or simply fancy something a little more unusual, then this gorgeous blue leather duffle from FoxArcher could be your perfect match. Made with premium leather and a suede interior, this is one stylish travel companion.

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