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Last night a DJ flashed his jocks… Interview with kooky mix-meister Lukasz Ru-Kasu

Connections Lukasz

So far as DJs go, Lukasz Ru-Kasu is truly in a league of his own. Brought up in a home surrounded by music (his dad played trumpet and piano), Lukasz set about delivering his own take on boogie and disco in 2002 when he first started DJ-ing.

Playing funk, r’n’b, hip-hop and disco, he soon formed his own production company Casual Connection, setting out to make reworks and edits of classic club tracks, with some top-notch originals thrown in for good measure (check some of these out here).

Ironically, Lukasz also now DJs at Connections nightclub in Perth, the longest-running LGBT venue in the southern hemisphere (count over 40 years!). He also plays regularly overseas, last seen spinning discs abroad in Japan in 2014 and next set to play Taiwan in March 2017. He’s also been featured in the Top 100 Nu Disco Artists list for three years running (2014-16) amongst the very impressive likes of Joey Negro, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Dr Packer and Dmitri from Paris.

But on the flipside, this mix-meister has a most, let’s just say interesting hobby. During his everyday work, which is as a salesman, often on the road in regional areas like Newman, Corrigin, Tom Price and Kondinin (oh those names in far-out WA), Lukasz gets a little bored and so finds himself, well, stripping naked and taking selfies to post back to his boss and buddies.

DJ Lukasz Ru-Kasu taking some time out of his day-job to flash some bod in a motel in Corrigin, WA.

DJ Lukasz Ru-Kasu taking some time out of his day-job to flash some bod in a motel in Corrigin, WA.

A kooky little quirk, yes, but a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do to pass the time, right?

Anyways, Cream chatted with Lukasz about all things music and getting his kit off in dodgy motels…

Interview by Antonino Tati


Having DJ-ed since 2002, tell us of some of the venues you’ve played?

I’ve played pretty much at most venues in Perth but my favourite place would be Connections as I can play what I love and it’s well-received. Other venues include Metropolis, Villa, The Rosemount, The Bird, Rise, Geisha Bar, as well as a few venues in Melbourne and Sydney.


Tell us about your rework/remix project ‘Casual Connection’; are you reworking old tracks to play during DJ sets, or are these tracks being made available for others to download?

I started the project for fun as I enjoy having my own take on tracks and also making them DJ-friendly. My first few were well-received so I began seriously releasing tracks in 2014. Apart from releases, I put up tracks for free download on Soundcloud so that other DJs and enthusiasts can enjoy and play them. You can also find my music available to purchase on Traxsource, iTunes, Juno Download and Beatport.


Lukasz in Kondinin, WA.

Lukasz in Kondinin, WA.

I understand that on the side of DJ-ing, you have a full-time job in sales, and that when you’re on the road in various regions you have a habit of posting ‘pin-up’ like photos and sending these to your boss. When did this start and why?

This started on my first night away and my boss asked me what my room was like. Basically the décor was something out of a 1970s porno and so I thought it would be funny to send him a pic of me sprawled out on the bed like a porn star. As you can guess, we all have a pretty relaxed sense of humour at work!


What feedback do you get from friends when they see you up to your shenanigans in these remote motels and hotels?

Very well-received! It just makes people laugh. My motto is that I will stop doing it when people stop laughing.


Lukasz in Newman, WA.

Lukasz in Newman, WA.

Back to the music: what’s the most bizarre thing that has happened to you during a DJ set?

A young girl asking me to play music that “black” people dance to whilst I was actually playing hip-hop and r’n’b at the time. This was at the Newport in Fremantle.


What is it you love most about DJ-ing?

There’s just something really special when you’re playing music you are passionate about and when it’s well-received by the crowd.


Summer is a time when people are thinking about getting out and partying more. What does summer mean to you?

Relaxing in the backyard in a pair of Speedos.


Lukasz in Tom Price, WA.

Lukasz in Tom Price, WA.

What are your top three tunes for summer clubbing?

Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix)
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (DJ S Edit)
Vaughn Mason – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Dr Packer Rework)


Lukasz Ru-Kasu plays at Connections rooftop twice a month. Visit www.connectionsnightclub.com to keep an eye out on when he’s playing. He’ll also be playing at The Beat Night Club in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday 24th March.

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