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The Cosmetic Queen: 10 Looks to Look Out For

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If, like us, you were in awe of the variety of different makeup looks during the most recent runway shows and want to know which looks to watch out for this summer then read on. Before you start stocking up on all new cosmetics online take note of what we consider to be this summer’s key makeup trends that are sure to brighten up your look throughout the warmer months.


01. Bright Ombre Lips

Orange toned reds are going to be all the rage this summer, and will be featured heavily in both key fashion pieces and makeup looks. To really make a statement of a bright and youthful orange-toned lip make the colour pop by giving the lip an ombre effect. A quick dab of pigment or a second lip colour in the centre of your lip is all that is required to nail this trend.

02. Watercolour Eyes

If you want your makeup to better reflect your pretty, feminine style then the watercolour eye should be your go-to look this summer. Choose your favourite pastel and shimmery shades and adorn your whole eyelids to giving them a watercolour effect.

Cosmetics 02

03. Subtle Glossy Lids

Ditch the matte, powder eye shadows this summer and instead opt for something altogether more glossy. Eye glosses are great for those of us who prefer a more natural makeup look over the summer months. Simply sweep a little gloss onto your eyelids, add a small amount of mascara and you’re good to go.

Cosmetics 03

04. Elegant Gold Shimmer

For a sophisticated evening look stick to golden metallic tones on the eyes.
For a more lived-in look, you could try using a creamy gold eye pencil along the lash line and blend with a Q-Tip. Finish with a red, glossy lip for a timeless, elegant look.

05. Two-tone Lips

Just because you prefer to wear more traditional lip colours does not mean you can’t make a statement through your lipstick. Experiment with a two-toned lip the next time you’re looking to add more interest to your makeup look. Apply a classic red tone on your top lip and a hot pink shade on the lower lip. From a distance, these shades will look quite similar yet different enough to draw attention to this unique and playful look.

06. Dark Glossy Eyes

This look is the perfect way to update your favourite black liner look this summer.
After applying your black kohl liner, simply sweep a small amount of gloss in a transparent of neutral shade over the top. The gloss will give your soft, smudged liner the edge and make it a great look for a day at the beach or even a night out.

07. Chocolate Glitter Lips

If you’re looking to try out a more dramatic lip this season then opt for something rich and sparkly. Deep chocolate, cherry and wine hues were given a new lease of life during the most recent DKNY show. Although a full chocolate glitter lip may be too much for day-to-day wear, experiment with rich chocolate brown lip shades in a glossy or shimmery formula as these are more wearable.

08. All Pink Hues
Pink is another key colour this summer.
Wearing similar pink hues on the eyes, cheeks and lips gives a subtle yet ultimately feminine look that can be worn day or night.

09. Barely There

Nothing quite beats a barely there makeup look and this is no different this summer. In order to achieve the perfect ‘no makeup makeup look’ pay attention to the finer details. Ensure your brows are well groomed and your lashes and lips look in excellent condition.

10. Green Eyes

Sometimes less is more and this is true for our last makeup look.
A light sweeping of green eyeshadow in a mint or seafoam shade is going to be all you need to ensure your on trend this summer. Either use a fluffy blending brush or even your fingertip to roughly apply organic green shades to your lids and finish with a light coat of mascara.


So go forth and experiment! Incorporating elements of the above makeup looks into your style this summer could be all you need to really give your look the edge.


(Image Source: thezoereport.com/beauty/makeup/spring-2017-beauty-trends/#slide-3).

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