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Box office slump? What box office slump?

Oscars @2x

With the big night nearly upon us, entertainment mags and rags around the world have been going ga-ga for Oscar. Industry publication The Hollywood Reporter is no different, having just released a special Oscars edition in the lead-up to ceremony. Growing with each year, the Hollywood Reporter Oscars issue has become one of the must-read items during the awards season.

In the 2017 edition, the magazine looks at why the Oscars still matter today. With insight from those in the know, readers get an inside look at just what the Oscars mean to those who’ve won them, those who’ve come close, and those who just like being around them. The issue of gender inequality is also put under the spotlight, with 52 industry leaders weighing in on the situation.

Along with these more serious stories, the issue also takes a look at the lighter side of the Oscars ceremony. Tom Coleman recounts the wild and wonderful night he had when he took Princess Leia herself, the late Carrie Fisher, to the 1978 ceremony. Plus there is plenty of talk about the red carpet and those famous after-parties.

But it wouldn’t be an Oscars edition without a guide to who will (and should) win on the night. It is an awards ceremony after all. Will it be Moonlight or La La Land that will take out best picture? Will Casey Affleck win for his heartbreaking performance in Manchester By The Sea? Or will Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make it an acting sweep for La La Land, despite divided opinion on the film’s insane number of nominations?

The Oscars, however, have become more than just a self-congratulatory industry soiree. At a time when box office receipts are dwindling, Hollywood’s night of nights reminds audiences sitting at home that there is still some magic left in the movies.  Chris Prindiville
The 89th Academy Awards will be broadcast live to air on Channel Nine at 12.30pm AEDT on Sunday 27th February.

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