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Why Do We Need 'Pokie-leaks'? We Already Know How Pokies Work

Why Do We Need Pokies @2x

Discover more about the so-called pokie-leaks and why we need to understand how pokies actually work. Learn more about this and gamble with ease.


Whistleblowers are being called out by three federal politicians to expose the secrets of pokies so that it can be made public. Nick Xenophon, Larissa Waters and Andrew Wilkie are promoting a campaign that seeks to expose the inner workings of Pokies to the public through parliamentary privilege.

The Situation Right Now

The campaign is sourcing for information on how the electronic machines operate by targeting vulnerable players as well as the secret relationships existing between politicians and major stakeholders in the gambling industry. The campaign is grounded on the belief that the gambling industry, as profitable as it is, relies heavily on its highly secretive yet harmful and addictive features, and it is these features that the executive trio is looking to bring to the public light.

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According to Larissa Waters, a senator representing the Australian Greens, exposing the illegal malpractices of the industry to the public could significantly help the government to hold accountable the relevant stakeholders, while still protecting the whistleblowers’ identity.

For now we do not need any Pokie-leaks, what we need is gambler education on how the pokies actually work and self-control. Cheers to those who already have this information, and if you are privy to these details, particularly on how the random number generator works, you are qualified to continue gambling and you can play Aussie pokies online.


Are Gamblers At Risk?

The three members of parliament believe that unless the gambling industry is exposed for its malpractices, it will continue to exploit the millions of gambling enthusiasts by keeping its operations secretive. Therefore, they believe that supporting the Pokie-leaks initiative will help implement an all important system for both industry stakeholders and members of the public to know what goes on in the gambling industry.

The campaign is hot on the heels of the Shonica vs. Crown casino and Aristocrat games court case in which Shonica wants the Crown casino to declare to the public that the machines she’s been playing on for the last 14 years are deceptive. According to the complainant, the pokies are not as innocent as they look and they serve their primary purpose well, which is to take all your money.

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The complainant claims that she was hooked to the electronic gaming machines the first time she touched them, which supports her theory that a fine line exists between entertainment and gambling. To expound on this, the complainant believes that the machines do not serve as entertainment slots as they are often falsely advertised; instead, they function to con you out of all your money, a secret the gambling fraternity doesn’t want you to know.

Even though the discourse as to whether the gambling industry has questions to answer, especially regarding the secretive tactics employed to ensure that the house always wins, how the pokies work is actually common knowledge. The information on how the electronic gaming machines work is out there for anyone who cares to look.


How Pokies Work
In fact, the Gaming Technologies Association has already released a well detailed booklet documenting how the poker machines operate. Perhaps the question should be how do gamblers interpret this kind of information and do they apply it in their gambling sessions?

The hullabaloo about the legitimacy of pokies stems from the existing misconceptions about these sophisticated electronic gaming machines. What you need to understand about them is that they work on the following basic principle:


Pokies produce random results

And here is where the problem lies because a majority of gamblers fail to comprehend this principle, more so the random factor.
Most gamblers interpret the random factor wrongly. They believe that the electronic machines have been programmed to follow a particular pattern such that there must be a win and a loss, and if you don’t win for a long time, it simply means that the win is just around the corner; hence, they continue dishing out coins to the machines to chase the win.

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Similarly, if they continue winning for an extended period, it basically means that the electronic machine is now paying up, so it makes sense to continue playing. This misconception is why many gamblers continue to play for extended periods even when they are not winning.

However, that is not how the machines work. Rather, they use a random number generator that’s completely independent of all the previous games; thus, the machines do not follow a certain pattern, and the results they produce are simply random.

This principle is found in all gambling games, including lotto, roulette, and even sports betting. The only difference with pokies is that the operations are not obvious like in other games. For instance, when playing roulette, you can actually see the ball circling the spinning table, while in other games such as horse racing, you can view the steeds as they compete on the race tracks. For pokies however, you cannot see the workings of the random number generator, but only the final results.


Final Thoughts

Instead of promoting the pokie-leaks campaign, perhaps what the trio should invest in is educating the gamblers on how the machines actually work so as to dispense the myths surrounding the operations of the pokies. When the gamblers are educated on how the system works, then maybe we’ll get to see less of these Shonica vs. Crown casino and Aristocrat games court cases where the estranged losers are busy blaming the establishment for their losses and instead see more informed gamblers making strategic moves, the punters and noobs alike.

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