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Interior Design 2017: style challenges for your home

We’re already deep into 2017, but it’s not too late to adapt some of the latest interior design schemes into your home.

Whether it’s giving your living room a seventies-twist with a touch of Moroccan flair, or even introducing some Scandinavian chic in your bedroom with a wooden bed, it’s clear that there’s an entire world of inspiration to incorporate into your interior design scheme.


Kitchen aesthetics

Interior 01

Far from being a merely functional space, our kitchens are now where we’re spending increasingly large amounts of money in order to make sure that they meet today’s aesthetic standards.

And for those with a little extra to spend, it seems that marble is everywhere at the moment, and so there are few better places to implement this than in a kitchen work surface for the ultimate in sleek and stylish luxury.


Bedroom designs

Interior 02

Our bedrooms will also feature some interesting aesthetics, as green looks to be the colour of the year in the design world. Everyone from Pantone to Vogue have been extolling the benefits of green as a way of calming our interiors, and we can expect to see emeralds, jades, olives and limes being big hits in 2017.

This natural and vibrant colour gives us chance to freshen up our bedrooms, and by tying it with earthy hues such as on-trend brass in the light fittings, and the wooden bed frames from Bedstar, it can be kept from looking too gimmicky.


Living room decor

Interior 03

There are other interesting aesthetics that can be introduced into our living rooms. Whilst the cosy trend of hygge was a big hit in 2016, it looks like 2017 could attempt to redress the balance as lagom is going to be the buzzword for this year.

This looks to give us more balanced lifestyles and makes moves towards sustainable living through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting, renewable materials like bamboo, and the embrace of the upcycling trend.


Embracing the outdoors

Interior 04

And whether you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, or just want to give your hallway a makeover, 2017 is going to be all about bringing the wonder of the outdoors into our homes.

This can mean taking inspiration from the tropical design trend, or can even see us embracing some of the earthier and rugged colour tones from Morocco that have been a big hit this year.

So that whether you’re getting some terracotta plant-pots for your hallway, or adding some cool candle lanterns for your conservatory, it’s all about celebrating nature and trying unusual styles throughout 2017.


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