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Architectural ideas from the homes of the people who design them

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Books on architecture are a dime a dozen and, yes, it is to nice to peruse the homes of folks with pragmatic and cutting-edge tastes, but the real heroes of those pretty exterior and interior pictures are the architects themselves. Which is why a big book on architects’ homes is the better option to plonk onto your coffee table for inspiration.

The simply titled Architects’ Homes is far from simple in aesthetic. The book gives us a privileged glimpse into the unique homes of some of the world’s most renowned and highly respected architects.

Providing intricate detail through colourful description and photography of how these architects went about making the most of their residential spaces sheds light on the sense and sensibility behind contemporary home design.

The importance of balance between form and space is of primary concern to most of the architects, while the quirkier ones start to change things up a little – keeping pragmatics in mind, but adding a little flourish for a ‘wow’ factor that truly creates intrigue (conversation pieces, if you will).

Arch 00

What becomes apparent flipping through this book, is that architects use the design of their own homes both as practical experiment (or case study) as well as representation (or showroom) of their aesthetics, ethoses and ideals.

Economic influences are also considered, so the book isn’t only for the filthy rich and famous to ponder new abodes.

If you plan on building a new house but want to steer as far from the cookie-cutter style of building, take a look at Architects’ Homes.

Arch 01

Perhaps not so surprisingly, there seems to be a large number of homes that boast expansive window size, with the appreciation of natural light seeming a key criteria for many architects. Or is it just that they want the world to look in on their clever designs while they too can keep an eye on changes in the architectural landscape ‘out there’?

Looking in, or looking out, Architects’ Homes ensures the view is always appealing.  Antonino Tati


‘Architects’ Homes’, edited by Bethany Patch, is published through  Images Publishing.



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