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With the temperatures dropping and the grey clouds looming, now is the perfect time get warmed up at the theatre. For those lucky enough to be in WA this April, the Black Swan State Theatre Company has a treat in store with its latest production, The Lighthouse Girl.

Based on the novels by Dianne Wolfer, this gentle and deeply moving play brings to life the stories of those left at home during World War I waiting, wondering, and hoping against hope for their loved ones to return, and the struggles of the young men who valiantly enlisted to help defend their country. And with Anzac Day just around the corner, it is a story that helps bring home just how lucky we are in the lucky country thanks to the sacrifices made by those who came before us.

Showcasing some of the best up and coming acting talent in the country, The Lighthouse Girl is a production not to be missed this Autumn. So now is the time to get out of the cold and inside the theatre, where you can bask in the warm glow of some great Australian drama.  Chris Prindiville


The Lighthouse Girl has its world premiere at the Albany Entertainment Centre from April 21-22.

Then begins its Perth season at the Studio Underground from April 28-May 14.

 For more details and ticketing information visit  www.bsstc.com.au.

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