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TV’s Divine Intervention

American Gods

In the world of fantasy literature, Neil Gaiman looms very large indeed. His formidable creative powers have seen him scale the peaks of comic books and popular fiction. With the upcoming release of American Gods, the TV adaptation of his acclaimed graphic novel, this spanner of worlds looks set to add the small screen to Gaiman’s growing list of conquests.


Helping guide this ship will be the powerhouse team of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, who themselves are no strangers to the adaptation process: Marvel’s Wolverine comics (Green) and Thomas Harris’s Hannibal Lecter novels (Fuller), no less. In their more than capable hands, American Gods is anticipated to become one of the biggest genre TV shows of all time (take that, Game of Thrones!).


The eight-episode series will have audiences navigating their way through a world populated by gods, old and new, with each vying for supremacy over the mortal realm. Into this celestial scrap comes Shadow Moon, an ex-con who, reeling after the death of his wife, finds himself recruited into this modern-day Ragnarok by a mysterious figure named Mr Wednesday.


Fans of the book will no doubt be curious to see just how Fuller and Green will be able to stretch out the material over potential multiple seasons. But with their previous form behind them, fans should get excited for what has been added, rather than worry about what is missing.

With hours of television to come, via a cast that includes Gillian Anderson, Crispin Glover and Emily Browning, Gaiman’s characters, human and divine, have a lot more living still to do.  Chris Prindiville


‘American Gods’ will debut in Australia on the Amazon streaming service Prime Video on May 1 and in the US on the Starz Channel on April 30.

Check out the rest of the cast of colourful characters below, and see the teaser trailer above.










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