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Ben Frost Stickers cream magazine @2x

Ben Frost’s defiant nature and passion for vibrancy continue to find their way into his latter-day art. Bastardising logos, chopping up brand names, mixing Disney innocents with Playboy bunnies, and generally making a mockery of commercial, political and pop cultural symbols, this dude has evolved into a modern-day art menace-slash-genius (and for a street-come-gallery artist, that’s a great thing to have on a CV).

But the funny thing is, while Frost pillages brands and logos – from Kelloggs to Lego, Krispy Kreme to Coca Cola – none of the multinationals have put the heavy word on him. Yet.


Says a cool, laidback Frost: “Symbols, icons and logos make up the fabric of our direct environment. There are words and images on the surfaces of everything around us… Even my socks have odd gibberish on them. It’s as if we’re all flailing about in a giant bowl of alphabet soup.”

Leave it to him to chuck in the crunchy croutons.

This month, Frost has released a series of stickers stamped with some of his best contemporary works. Such as Mickey Mouse with his fist up Thumper’s arse, Freddy Kruger on an empty pack of Maccas fries, and Bugs Bunny looking whacked out on a discarded carton of Endone painkillers.


It all makes for a bright montage of consumerist chaos. And you can score a full set of six stickers for a snip – just $18.50 a set from www.stupidkrap.com.

Antonino Tati



 Courtesy of the artist, Cream has 5 sets of Ben Frost stickers to give away. There are six stickers in each set (all are pictured top of story). To go into the draw to win, simply email your name and address to cream@pobox.com with the Subject heading ‘Ben Frost’. Competition closes 5pm AWST, Wednesday 26th April.


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