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London calling

London Secrets

Whether it be the grand historical landmarks of Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament or St Paul’s Cathedral, or the more modest sights of black cabs, red phone boxes or double-decker buses, when it comes to the world’s great cities, London figures very close to the top.

What a treat it is, then, to open up Janelle McCulloch’s lavishly-produced travel book on this most sophisticated and dignified world city, London Secrets, which takes readers beyond the well-worn tourist paths via the city’s hidden corners and out-of-the-way places.

London Secrets Insert 02

From enthralling design hotels, hidden museums, and secret National Trust properties to vibrant markets and restaurants, parks and gardens, fashion boutiques and antique haunts, this book captures London in all its splendour and diversity.

London Secrets Insert 01

Filled with stunning photographs, and expertly researched, London Secrets offers travellers a whole new set of things to see and do on their next visit. While some of the content hones in on the city’s ye olde majestic landmarks, there is a certain modern element when McCulloch gets down to the nitty-gritty of things-to-do, such as navigating London’s small bar scene and its independent fashion boutiques. Indeed, the book kicks off with a listing of “a few fantastic design festivals and events”, keeping things nice and contemporary.

London Secrets Insert 03

Like all things London, however, things can get somewhat pricey, and this book is no different with its RRP tag of $59.95. Not a book, perhaps, for those travelling on a budget, but rather those with a little more money in their pockets and time on their hands.  Chris Prindiville


‘London Secrets’ is out now through Images Publishing, RRP $59.95. 

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