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For coulrophobics among us (ie: those with fear of clowns), the news that Stephen King’s horror classic It has been remade and is hitting the big screen has nerves jangling and stomachs churning. And as if that prospect isn’t terrifying enough, the upcoming release is reportedly just the first installment in a two-part series.

King’s deranged killer clown, Pennywise, returns to terrorise the children of Derry, Maine, but this time, the experience looks to be even more unnerving – if the trailer is anything to go by. Here, director Andres Muschietti showcases a truly startling visual style that is sure to have audiences cowering in their seats.

Despite the health risks, it is thrills and chills of this sort that keep audiences coming back for more. And with Pennywise on the prowl, there seems to be little chance for rest and relaxation.

It still

In keeping with the times, the modern It appears to delve into a little drag (watch for the projector scene in the trailer above) while the horrid creature seems to be able to shapeshift at will. But we’ll have to wait and see if he does possess any new powers.

Whether it be screams of delight or horror, the experience of watching It looks certain to be a haunting one.  Chris Prindiville


‘It’ will be released nationwide in Australia on September 8.


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