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Like pretty much everything else these days, business is often done on the run. With more and more people reporting feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work, finding a way to slow things down is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity.

Now, thanks to the Parmelia Hilton Perth Hotel, getting through a business meeting no longer has to be such a chore. Its Meet With Purpose program provides participants with a meeting experience that is a little less ‘stiff corporate’ and little more ‘loose Zen’.

Parmelia Hilton 03

With its healthy body / healthy mind approach, Meet With Purpose puts diet and wellbeing back on the work agenda. The program’s healthy-option menu and its fitness events and activities will have the stress levels down and the motivation levels sky high. There’s even an option to have mini shoulder massages provided at your next work function – and who wouldn’t that relief from all the power-point presentations and networking?

Companies great and small are sure to benefit from this one-of-a-kind way to do business. Indeed, attending a meeting has never felt less like work and more like pleasure.  Chris Prindiville


For more information about the Parmelia Hilton Perth’s ‘Meet With Purpose’ download the PDF here or for enquiries phone (08) 9215 2000. 88-9215-2000 -9215-2000 

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