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Top Caribbean Destinations to visit this Summer

Picture Source: http://kupdates.com/

Picture Source: http://kupdates.com/

With summer only a few weeks away, you have probably found yourself daydreaming of the perfect holiday escape featuring pristine sandy beaches, exotic wildlife, and a healthy combination of adventure, nightlife and relaxation – featuring plenty of sun, of course!

If that daydreaming has led you to consider a holiday in the sunny Caribbean you are certainly in the right track to make that dream come true, as the Caribbean features some of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations – and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

With a whopping 28 island nations and literally thousands of individual islands available to visit, most tourists’ hardest choice is not to decide whether they should visit the Caribbean, but rather which Caribbean destination they should choose. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list for you with our recommendations for the top Caribbean holiday destinations that will surely make your trip an unforgettable getaway.


Grand Cayman

The largest of the three Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is the perfect destination for an active vacation. Filled with fantastic locations for hiking – such as the 200 year old Mastic Trail, diving and snorkeling – including the amazing Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto, golfing, sailing, fishing, horseback riding and so much more, Grand Cayman caters to just about everyone.

While the world renowned white sands and crystal clear waters of the Seven Mile Beach are a fantastic sight to behold, our favorite place to visit however is the Cayman Turtle Farm. Here you can view and swim with a variety of different species of turtles, as well as seeing other terrifying predatory fish such as barracudas and sharks up close. You can find more information on the Cayman Turtle Farm site.

Turtles are not the only exotic animals that you can swim with, as you can also take a dip with friendly stingrays at Stingray city, a popular diving location near the West Bay.


St. Lucia

Due to its remoteness, St. Lucia may not receive as many visitors as many of the other destinations on this list, but it may just be the most naturally beautiful of all the Caribbean islands. Filled with amazing natural landmarks such as the Pitons – beautiful cone shaped mountains overflowing with greenery, the Soufriere – dubbed the world’s only drive through volcano, and the Diamond Waterfall and Botanical Gardens, St. Lucia is the perfect destination for those explorers who want to immerse themselves in nature.

St. Lucia is also ripe with history, having belonged alternatingly to the British and the French over seven times each. Places such as Pigeon Island feature not only stunning views, but also ruins of forts and other military buildings used in the wars between these two factions.

Featuring plenty of all-inclusive resorts filled with all sorts of amenities, St Lucia has become a popular spot as a wedding or honeymoon destination, as well as hosting a famous annual jazz festival each spring.



Picture Source: http://cruiseweb.com/

Picture Source: http://cruiseweb.com/

The Bahamas is arguably the best family vacation destination in the Caribbean, featuring plenty to do for the entire family across its over 700 islands. While Nassau and Grand Bahamas are bursting with action and packed with mega resorts, restaurants, shops, and entertainment complexes, the Out Islands offer visitors who are looking for a more relaxing experience the perfect getaway spot.

But perhaps the most attractive destination in Bahamas is the massive Atlantis resort in Paradise Island which includes two major aquariums and an amazing 141 acre Aquaventure water park – packed with over 20 pools and high speed slides that take you through a shark tank.  The Atlantis resort also features a massive playground for adults, the 100,000 sq ft Bahamas casino, where you can play blackjack, roulette, or any of your other favorite casino games. If you want to brush up on your blackjack strategy, Voodoo Dreams has a blackjack guide in their blog.

If you are to explore the natural beauty of the islands however, the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park – a protected marine area – is the perfect option, featuring a great variety of marine life, clear waters and even swimming pigs!



05 a-day-trip-from-aruba-to-curacao

If you are looking for more than R & R in the pristine white sand and clear blue turquoise waters typical to the Caribbean, then Curacao is certainly the place to go. With a rich culture with a rooted Dutch influence, Curacao’s Willemstad, a beautifully preserved, vibrant multi-colored port city that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is truly a wonder to behold.

While most people will visit Aruba due to their world famous beaches, Curacao offers beaches that can certainly rival any of Aruba. However, they also offer the added plus of being substantially less tourist dependent than most of the other Caribbean islands, allowing you to submerge into their authentic native culture, art and food.

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