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There's a chair in there… In fact, tens of beautiful ones to choose from

Interior Secrets Dining Chairs

If we asked you to close your eyes and think of one piece of furniture, you’d likely to have imagined one of three things: a sofa, a table, or a chair. That third object is an important one because it’s most likely an object we possess most of in our homes (think about it: four or six chairs around the dining table, one for the work desk, perhaps even a few stools at the bar or breakfast bench).

Yes, chairs are so ubiquitous in our households, they’ve had entire coffee table books dedicated to them, and key designers of them very much celebrated (hello Marc Newson, hello Philippe Starck). Chairs have to be sturdy, chairs have to be comfortable, and just as importantly – for the quality aesthete in you, they have to be beautiful.

In the area of dining chairs, few showrooms offer a variety as immense and collection as appealing as Interior Secrets, whose website and showroom will have you pondering an array of fine designs.

Harris Dining Chair.

Harris Dining Chair.

From original, distinguished contemporary leather chairs to beautifully crafted classic replicas, there’s something here for all tastes. Like the Harris Dining Chair, above, made of solid natural beech wood and offering a minimalist look, or the Eames/Saarinen replica Organic Dining Chair, below, whose multicolour design will suit the colour scheme of any room.

Eames/Saarinen replica Organic Dining Chair.

Eames/Saarinen replica Organic Dining Chair.

Whether it’s classic, retro or contemporary you’re after, Interior Secrets will have you sitting pretty, and in comfort and style.  Lisa Andrews


Visit the Interior Secrets website for a look at their entire range.


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