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Backdoor Beauty: 5 Tips For Turning Your Patio Into a Lavish Living Space

Image source: Shutterstock.

Image source: Shutterstock.

Patios can be a fantastic extension of your home living space and provide ad added dimension of outdoor freshness to your home. If properly and smartly decorated, your patio can truly become your own personal refuge that you can enjoy for some alone time, or even be uses as beautiful area of outdoor entertainment for your family and friends. If you are thinking about giving your current patio a makeover, here are 5 handy tips that you can use to turn your patio into a lavish living space.


01. Keep It Warm and Toasty

If you want to use your patio for year-round entertaining, you’re going to want to make sure that it stays as comfortable as possible for all your guests. This means installing mist fans for the blazing summer heat, as well as ensuring that there is sufficient heating for the colder months. In order to keep everything looking in tip top condition, you can select a stylish strip heater to suit your home. Ensuring that everyone is kept cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months will ensure that you are ready to entertain, come rain or shine.


02.    Pick The Right Furniture

Patio furniture is often the center of attention, and thus, should be appealing to the eye as much as it should be comfortable. Due to outdoor spaces having different requirements to indoor spaces, you will need to make sure that you have chosen the appropriate furniture for your patio. You should choose patio furniture that is stylish and complements the architecture and landscaping of your outdoor area. You will also want all your patio furniture to be all-weather and have UV protection, in order to prevent fading and mildew from forming.


03.     Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

One element that is often accidentally neglected is lighting. What one must always remember is that after the sun goes down, proper lighting is what truly can transform your beautiful outdoor patio into a magical retreat of gorgeous shadow and light. Adequate lighting is also a necessity when it comes to providing safety and security in your patio. You can choose to illuminate walls, railings and walkways with appropriate outdoor lighting fixtures to meet both safety and visual needs.


04.    Consider Privacy

When you’re lazing in your patio in the evening, the last thing you want is for nosey neighbours to be looking in, or street side traffic to be able to see everything you are getting up to. In order to ensure privacy in your patio, consider installing a fence. To keep up with the chic look that you have worked so hard for in your patio, you can choose to stain or paint your fence, and then adorn it with hanging tea lights or decorations to make sure that it fits in with the theme of your patio. You could even add climbing vines at the base of your fence and create a mystical jungle wall that surrounds your dream patio.


05.    Go Wild With Accessories

Your patio is where you can truly allow that creative side of you to shine. Adorn your outdoor furniture with colourful cushions, purchase a water fountain, or even go all out and deck the place out with exotic potted plants. Just like the inside of your home should showcase some of your personality, the outdoors should too. It is time to let your personality shine in your personal oasis with the decorations that you love.

We hope that these 5 tips for turning your patio into a lavish living space have helped give you a new bout of motivation to get that patio of yours transformed!






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