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The Birthday Bash: 5 Tips for Flexing Your Party Prowess

Everybody knows that Aussies love a good party. We know how to make lasting memories and create experiences, which offer something fun and new. We’re great party planners because we’re social people! While the little details do count, the real goal is sending every guest home with a big smile on their face.

So, if you’re interested in throwing a memorable event, for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other celebration, the secret is to keep things simple. As long as you provide plenty of snacks, lots of drinks, and a great atmosphere, you’re onto a winner. Event planning is all about bringing people together in a relaxed and entertaining environment.


Opt for Simple Fun

When you’re planning a party for grownups, it’s easy to overthink and start worrying about what might be the right type of entertainment. Try to keep things simple, because all most people need to have a good time is their favourite drink, some lively tunes, and some engaging conversation. If you are keen to arrange entertainment, however, consider something quirky and delightfully memorable like photo booth hire.


Control Your Guest List

One common mistake is trying to handle a sprawling guest list. Not only does this vastly inflate the cost of an event, it makes it really hard to make a connection with guests on the day. So, control your budget and retain a sense of intimacy by stripping the list right back and inviting a smaller number of people. Isn’t it better to provide a flawless experience for some than it is to offer a forgettable experience to everybody?


Apply a BYOB Policy

If you’re throwing a party at home, think about implementing a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) policy. That way, guests are guaranteed to get their favourite tipple and they can drink as much as they like. This is a clever way to keep costs down and it gives you a little more freedom to be creative. For example, some professional party planners recommend serving a signature drink or cocktail throughout the night.


Repurpose Your Sink

Speaking of beverages, it takes almost no effort at all to turn a kitchen sink into an all-purpose cooler. Just grab yourself a tonne of ice a couple of hours before the party and fill her up. Then, store your own alcohol in there or invite guests to let their beers chill in the sink while they mingle and chat. You’ll have to keep it topped up with ice during the party, but it’s an easy way to ensure all drinks are served cold.


Serve One Pot Meals

For those who are determined to cook, simplicity is key. If the dishes you pick are over complicated, you’ll spend all day in the kitchen and risk feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Stick with one pot meals like pasta, chilli, paella, roasted vegetables, and noodles. It should be something that is easily made in large quantities and able to be reheated quickly once guests start to arrive. Think rich, indulgent dishes like macaroni and cheese.


Why Party Planning Is All About the Mood

If you’re not having a good time planning your party, something needs to change, because it’s supposed to be a really fun process. As the host, it’s your job to establish the mood, so try not to get too caught up in what you can’t achieve. If you’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and under pressure, it’ll have an impact on the atmosphere. Focus on simple snacks, drinks, entertainment, and décor. Bring your passion and creativity to the table, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself.




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