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Looking to Promote Your Startup? Here are 5 Tips For Putting On a Fantastic Event

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Each event is unique, an opportunity to convey the essence of your product or idea.

When it comes to unveiling your startup, the stakes have never been higher. Hosting a knock out event for potential investors and future customers is your chance to engage with a captivated market which you can build on in years to come. Follow these 5 innovative tips to kickstart your business and give your startup the launch it deserves.


01. Give the event an edge

It’s hard to describe what edgy is, but everyone knows it when they see it. The guestlist for your event will be movers and shakers in your city, and industry leaders in your related field. These tastemakers have been around the block and you want to surprise and delight them, right?

A great DJ and a stylish photo booth from The Party Starters is a great start, and will give your attendees something to stick on the fridge or hang at work. A snapchat geofilter is another way to get quality publicity and will give your event an exclusive edge, people will be asking where your guestlist is and investigating your brand.




02. Create a buzz before the event

The biggest event killer is an empty room.

We know your event is going to be fabulous, but how do we let the guestlist know? When RSVPing have the guest specify what their favourite drink is, this will make them think about cocktails and their curiosity to see if it is available on arrival may persuade attendance.

If you really want to get a buzz going, have them RSVP with an original cocktail recipe and the winning recipe will be the signature cocktail on the night named after your brand and they will win a fabulous prize. This will encourage guests to discuss and speculate the event in the lead up.


03. Service with a twist

We’ve all been to events with the cater waiters in a white shirt and tie, reciting the same old canapes with glazed-over eyes. You’ve tried them a thousand times. So have your guests. Why not consider live cooking stations and food trucks – not only does it eliminate wait staff but it’s memorable and the options are endless.

To build on that exclusivity vibe you’re going for, have the door person give each arriving guest a piece of paper with a funny phrase on it to tell a bartender. A few lucky guests will have the correct secret phrase and they will be given a special drink and access to a private VIP area.


04. Forget formalities

From the moment they receive the invite it has to be different.

For your VIP guests think large, if it’s an event at the races – bring a pony to their office with a formal invitation. If it’s a pool party, send a waterproof package with sunscreen and a branded towel. Novelty quirks like these are a modern take on formalities, and it sends the impression that you are after and you are guaranteed the RSVP’s. If you really want to forget the formalities, leave the location off the invite and reveal the event destination on the day of the party.


05. Engage them for the future

The idea is that you guests leave as ambassadors of your brand, converted to your cause and bursting to tell anyone who asks about it. Gift bags on departure are always a nice touch, stock it with some funky merchandise that will be useful to them; phone chargers, bottle openers or leather pouch. When you touch base post-event, meet somewhere new and novel and have drinks and share food before you launch into your pitch. You want to maintain that reputation in their mind of your brand being fun and genuine.


You have the company, and now the insight and all that is left is throwing the party to end all parties. Float around and make meaningful impressions on socialites, CEO’s and consumers alike. We always remember what is new and different, so chock your event with tricks and quirks and your event will be talked about forever.



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