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Off To The Races (Online or Off)

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Racing in Australia – that is, the equestrian or canine sort – is proving ever so popular, there are even television channels dedicated fully to the sport.

No longer do we have to wait around for the once-a-year event that is the Melbourne Cup to dress up, go out and punt in style. But then, often we don’t even need to, well, dress up, go out and punt – since we can do it all from the comfort of our home computer, tablet or mobile phone, even horse betting.

If you are betting online, half your luck! You’ll save not having to spruce up and can then spend more on the bet itself!

But if you are stepping out to the racetrack, here are a few tips to do it in style.


Pace your drinking

It’s likely to be a long afternoon of drinking and socialising. Keep tabs on the drinking – and the socialising will be a lot nicer.


Mind your Ps and Qs during the big race

Nobody likes a loud idiot when everyone else is focusing on the race. Sure, it’s exciting if you’re horse (or dog, for that matter) is coming first, second or third but don’t scream as if it’s won the thing already. Hold the excitement in for those few extra seconds!


Wear sunscreen

Even in winter, the overcast weather can be harsh, so slap on a little SPF protection.


Do check the dress code for hospitality areas

Put simply, most folks like to see you dressing up just that little more than casual. Rule of thumb: avoid t-shirts, flip-flops and excess attitude.


Remember to place a bet!

Don’t get too caught up in the socialising and shoulder-rubbing that you’ve forgotten the main reason you’re there in the first place! Or indeed, you could pre-place your bet and just get on with enjoying your day or night out.

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