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Why you need a photobooth at your next event

Photo Booth @2x

Recently a lot of parties have seen the emergence of photobooths. While the naysayers would say a photographer makes the presence of a photobooth unnecessary, the reality is far from the truth. There is good reason behind the popularity, and it would be great for both your event and yourself, if you accepted it right away.

There is something different about standing in front of a machine and posing for another human being taking your photos. Photo Booths, if used cleverly, add more life to the party, while creating memories that would be cherished for many years to come.

If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to justify getting a photo booth for your next party:


Affordable and fun addition to any event

While most of the times, it is the celebrity parties that feature these bad boys, photo booths in Perth are extremely affordable. If you wish to splurge, they come loaded with features like props, and live feed screens that will add an element of fun to the whole thing.

Photo Booths fit perfectly in any kind of setting. Whether it is a wedding, or a corporate event, or even your child’s Bar Mitzvah, photo booths will receive a lot of attention and love from your guests.


A great way for guests to mingle with each other

Photo booths are a great tool to alleviate the initial awkwardness of a party. They are a great conversation starter and give thee guests something to talk and laugh about. Imagine if two people that do not know each other get pulled into the photobooth by a crowd, there is hardly a scenario where it wouldn’t get the conversational ball rolling.


A ton of amazing features

As mentioned earlier, photo booths are loaded with features.  In fact, some businesses that offer photo booths on rent in Perth offer the attendees with the option to email the photos to themselves, so that they can easily share the fun on their social media.

Additionally, you could get one that offers the old school on-site strip printing that will give your guests a great souvenir from your beloved event.


No effort required from your side! 

A photo booth is one of the few additions that can be made to a party, without adding to the number of tasks the organiser has to carry out. The process is unbelievably simple, give the rental company a call, choose the features you want, tell them the date and venue of the party, and they will come and set everything up.

Most businesses would be very liberal with the hours and flexible with the timings. It literally adds no stress to your life.


Customise features and style to compliment your event

If you are hosting a themed party, you can customize the style, and in most cases, customise the style of the photographs as well. Get matching props to take the experience to the next level, and it is sure to get the guests wait to attend the next party you organise.

For instance, if you get a doodle board, your guests can click their pictures, make fun doodles, that are not only displayed on a screen, but can be sent to your guests through email and even be printed at the venue.



Photo booths are the next big party prop, and your party would definitely need one. Don’t wait till they become mainstream and expensive.

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