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True lies?

Hamish & Andy @2x

Loveable larrikins Hamish and Andy are up and running – and rating (nearly 2 million viewers for the debut episode) – with their latest project, True Story with Hamish and Andy, but according to Nova host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral, the duo are running with his idea.

The premise of the show sees a real life Aussie tell a hilarious tale from his/her past, which is then recreated using well-known actors.

Lutteral is claiming that he came up with the idea and developed it at Channel Nine under the title Cracking Yarns. He also claims to have filmed a pilot for the show, which the network ultimately decided to pass on.

Where things get really interesting is with Lutteral’s accusation that he told Andy Lee about his project  3 years before the popular duo’s own show got the go ahead.

Nine has come out and denied these allegations, releasing a statement that says True Story with Hamish and Andy was in development a full year before Lee and Lutteral’s alleged conversation.

For the sake of their show, Hamish and Andy will be hoping that two heads are indeed better than one.  Chris Prindiville

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