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Supanova Main @2x

It’s not often that the party begins outside the venue, but that’s what it felt like heading into the Perth Convention Centre for the much loved Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming Expo in Perth over the weekend. The fun began as the dazzling catwalk of pop cult fans adorned the foyer in extreme cosplay and lavish character outfits, abuzz with selfies and photo ops aplenty.

Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming Expo hosts an impressive slew of popular culture from film, television, comic and novel celebrities to collectible pop art merchandise, to draw legions of devoted fans of all genres. The highlight was Supernova’s ‘Alley’ showcasing incredible artists, fan clubs, storytellers and traders of exclusive merchandise. You could lose yourself and your wallet in the Alley of traders offering gaming workshops, comics, cards, books, posters, wearable merch (like cute animal ears) and, for the young at heart, pop-vinyl toys in miniature versions of any TV or film cult character from Darth Vader, My Little Pony to Toothless or the characters out of American Horror Story.


I don’t know what was more fun, sighting your favourite cult character in an amazing cosplay outfit or taking a photo with one of the unique handmade costumes passionately crafted by a devoted fan; think Dr Who meets Harley Quinn. If checking out the cult creations wasn’t enough fun, then you could relish in the opportunity to get up close and personal with your favourite film and television star. Top billing went to the much loved manic Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown played by Christopher Lloyd from the beloved Back to the Future films, who was taking exclusive fan photos with the futuristic and very cool Dolorion. Other highlights were personal encounters with Dean Cain superhero in the 90s series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Science-fiction and fantasy writers Alan Baxter and Cat Sparks were amongst the celebrated authors who enjoyed long queues for book signings in meet and greet ops. Meeting Australian actor John Jarrett of Wolf Creek fame was a delight; fans be on the lookout for his new film release Boar with an all-star Aussie cast.


Supanova surprised me beyond my expectations this year, and it wasn’t just due to the talented artists, eye-popping costumes, and playful merchandise, but the spirited fun-filled atmosphere reminiscent of the best dress-up party you’ve ever been to. This event is a blast not just for die-hard fans but kids and adults of all ages. I will definitely be back next year, only this time I might make the effort to dress up and join the lively fan clubs, and truly make the most of the experience.  Annette McCubbin












Photography by Annette McCubbin.

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