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Twin Peaks 01 @2x

It might have been decades in the making, but the return of Twin Peaks to the small screen has been well worth the wait.

With Part 8 of Season 3 having hit our screens this week, audiences are still reeling from what they’ve just seen, with scenes including nuclear explosions, mutant bugs and a bogeyman that makes all of David Lynch’s previous ‘monsters’ seem tame in comparison.

Twin Peaks 02

In what already appears to be a landmark episode, co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have dialled the weirdness up to 11.

In true Twin Peaks style, Part 8 delves deep, with a brand new storyline appearing out of nowhere that upon initial viewing, appears to be in a world of it’s own (or several worlds, for that matter) but in fact ties up some loopholes of previous storylines. Avid fans will ‘get the picture’, put it that way.

Twin Peaks 03

But with a show like Twin Peaks, nothing is ever truly worked out. Well, not in the usual sense. Lynch and Frost, instead, want audiences to look inward in order to figure out what’s going on.  The hive mind will not help you here.

After such a long hiatus, the big concern was always going to be whether or not Lynch and Frost could recapture the magic from the series’ first run. Eight episodes (or ‘parts’) in, and all doubts have been put to bed. This is television at its most twisted. And remember, Twin Peaks is where twisted telly truly began.  Chris Prindiville


‘Twin Peaks’ is currently available to stream on Stan.

Check out one of the most recent surreal clips above.

Twin Peaks 04


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