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Standing room only

Flying Travel Cream Magazine @2x

Being on an island, miles away from anywhere, Australians have become well and truly used to the long haul flight.

For those who travel economy, it is not only the tyranny of distance that needs to be overcome but cramped seating and screaming children as well.

But all these inconveniences are worth enduring for the luxury of global travel on a tight budget.

With more and more Australians taking to the skies, affordability has become the most important consideration for would-be travellers.

This begs the question: how low are travellers willing to go to save some moolah? Well, one airline is interested in finding out.

Enter budget airline, Viva Columbia, who have recently come out and said that they are very interested in the idea of putting in bar stool-like seats on its planes, which in turn would dramatically push down the cost of airfares.

Hare-brained or not, this isn’t the first time airlines have toyed with the idea of stand-up seats. Back in 2003, Airbus came up with the concept of a vertical seat that would allow passengers to stand while still being strapped in; while in 2010, Ryanair (a cheap Irish airline) announced plans to offer $7 flights to passengers willing to stand for the entire flight.

Thankfully, for the sake of basic human dignity, these ideas were scrapped pretty quickly. But with airline travel becoming a way of life for more and more people, putting a price on dignity might not be that far away.  Chris Prindiville


Photography John Macrae.
Styling Mauricio Alpizar.
Hair + makeup Evan Circop.
Model Isabel wears Nicola Finetti.

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