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Board Game Monopoly Gamer @2x

Who says gaming has to be all digital style in this day and age?

Hasbro, the makers of classic board game Monopoly have introduced a bright addition to their expansive range with the ‘Monopoly Gamer Edition’, giving beloved Nintendo characters their time ’round the block.

This very cool edition will feel familiar yet fresh to both Monopoly and Nintendo fans, as players race around the board to complete levels (ie: buy property) and collect coins (money) either from the bank or by using ‘special powers’ to take moolah from other players.

Monopoly Gamer Main Board Insert

For the first time in Monopoly history, each character token will have its own unique ‘power-up’ ability. For example, landing on the Super Star board space will activate Princess Peach’s right to collect rent from the bank. Players can also activate a special ‘power-up boost’ by rolling the power-up die.

“By giving Monopoly tokens unique abilities and adding game-play elements, we’re offering fans an exciting new way to engage with two of their favourite gaming brands,” says Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of global marketing for Hasbro.

Fans can take their gamer experience to the next level with the purchase of ‘power packs’ (sold separately) which include one of several Super Mario character tokens such as Luigi, Boo, Rosalina, Wario, Diddy Kong and more.

Game convergence has never seemed more fun.  Antonino Tati


The Monopoly Gamer Edition will be available in August at major retailers for RRP $44.99.

Power packs will also be available at RRP $5.99 each.

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